"Traces" - Xiao Yu Solo Exhibition 《留痕》- 蕭昱個展

11/03/2017 - 11:00 - 29/04/2017 - 18:00
香港新界荃灣海盛路九號有線電視大樓 20樓2009室

Exhibition Duration: 11 March – 29 April 2017
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday I 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception: 11 March 2017 I 3 – 6pm (*Artist Present)
Venue: Art Experience Gallery

Art Experience Gallery is honored to present “Traces”, the first Hong Kong solo exhibition of renowned Chinese conceptual artist Xiao Yu. This is the artist’s first exhibition at Art Experience Gallery, will present a series of eight life-themed printmaking art that applied mixed techniques and mediums.

In these latest works, Xiao Yu develops a unique visual language that he experiments and borrows from multiple traditional printmaking techniques. The artist continues to respond as an individual to life, which has always been the main discussion in his art practice, from installations, paintings, videos, performance arts to his recent printmaking works. These works carry the spirit of oriental aesthetics in a subtle and elegant manner, raised questions about the relation between humans and our existing world, and let audiences to think of their own situations. As in works "Restraint" and "Restraint No.1", the artist dismantled the used brakes and transferred the delicate details of the worn out brake pads onto paper, the narrative speaks of one’s conscious of self-restraint, awakes the need to review our own thoughts and desires when living in this fast-paced world of rapid growth and acceleration. His other works document the intimate details of living form: the slides of bamboo inscribed the evolvement of growth and written in the manner of calligraphy on paper, gracefully display the natural shape of life; these organic materials recorded the traces of living, meanwhile, the artist uses linen strings as his paints to illustrate abstract scenarios, and leaves room for the viewers’ imagination.

The artist borrows the dialogue of printmaking to transfer the realistic details of chosen medium, where these traces are being truthfully documented and reappear on paper, in order to make visual contact with the viewers. Unlike the essence of traditional printmaking work, these works do not aim for an outcome of repetition or consistency. The organic pattern in his poetic works honestly reveals the secret paths of life, where the artist presents and suggests a reflected image for individuals’ self-observation. With an exquisite sensibility and aesthetic shows in his works, Xiao Yu expresses his sincere respect and gratitude in a humble manner to life itself.


展覽日期:2017年3月11日 - 4月29日
展覽時間:星期一至六|上午11時 - 下午6時
開幕時間:2017年3月11日|下午3 - 6時


挪用了傳統版畫的不同技法,透過重新研究和實驗,蕭昱建構了一套獨特的視覺語言。藝術家繼續以人本的角度去回應生命,不管是從藝術裝置丶繪畫丶錄像丶行為藝術到本次的版畫創作,一直都是以探討生命為主題。 作品盛載著一種含蓄的東方精神和美學觀念,對人和我們身處的環境這種相連的關係提問,讓觀者思考自身的狀態。本次展出作品「節制」和「節制No.1」,藝術家拆解了回收的剎車系統零件,將遺留在剎車片上的細緻痕跡轉印在紙上。人今天生活在這個高速發展而物資充足的世界,個人需要有更高的自省意識,思考如何去控制和節制自己的慾望。剎車片上的痕跡是叠加了一個人無數次的自我控制下獲得生存空間的另一種面貌。藝術家在其他的作品中記錄了生命體最私密的跡象:被切開的竹子橫切面呈現了它最原本的樣子,一個生命成長的變化和過程如實地刊刻在紙上,像無字的書寫,優雅地呈現了大自然刊刻的痕跡。這些有機的材料都記錄了生命,藝術家同時用麻繩作為他的畫筆和顏料,繪畫出抽象的畫面,讓人產生自由的聯想。

在此次最新的創作中,藝術家挪用了版畫的書寫方式,運用它如實刊印的功能,把生命體直接轉印到紙上,然後跟人的視覺發生關係。 跟嚴格的傳統版畫不一樣,作品追求的並不是畫面的穩定性和一致性。作品的概念更像是原創版畫,每一張都隱藏了不同的細節和瞬間的狀態。 藝術家詩意的書寫方式透露著生命的軌跡,有如一面明鏡讓觀者自省。 蕭昱敏鋭的感知和美學觀念表達出他對生命的一份謙卑的敬仰和尊敬。