Away from Disgrace 不知羞恥

18/03/2017 - 11:00 - 06/05/2017 - 19:00
Blindspot Gallery

18.3 - 6.5.2017

Opening Reception: 18.3.2017, Saturday, 3 - 5:30pm
Artist will be present.

“Away from Disgrace” is Jiang Pengyi's fourth solo exhibition at Blindspot Gallery. The exhibition will showcase his newest works from three series which involve different experimentation of photographic materials, underscoring Jiang’s persistance to constantly investigate and innovate with the boundlessly generative potentialities of the medium. Deeply inspired by French surrealist philosopher Georges Bataille’s text L’Erotisme (1957), Jiang conceived his recent artistic development as an existential inquiry into the solitude of being, and the role of sexuality in human relationality and spirituality. The three series being showcased, In Some Time, The Sun Matched with the Sea and Dissolution, form a thematic exploration and a way of thinking about human mortality through the making of art.


18.3 - 6.5.2017


“不知羞恥”是蔣氏於刺點畫廊的第四次個展。是次展覽展出他三個不同系列的全新作品,通過對運用攝影材質的不同實驗,持續探索攝影媒介無止的潛能。深受法國超現實主義哲學家喬治‧巴代伊(Georges Bataille)著作《情色論》(1957)所啟發,蔣鵬奕近期的藝術創作圍繞存在主義的課題,即肯定人生的孤獨感並探討情慾在人類的連結性和靈性上的意義。蔣氏的三個系列:《在某時》、《海洋匹配太陽》和《消融》,通過藝術創作對生命進行主題式的探究及思考。