HU CHI-CHUNG Solo Exhibition 胡奇中個展

28/04/2017 - 10:00 - 28/05/2017 - 19:00
Galerie du Monde
108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central

28 Apr - 28 May 2017

Galerie du Monde is extremely pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Hu Chi-Chung (b. Zhejiang, China 1927 – 2012). This is the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work since he passed away in 2012. Showcasing Hu’s abstract landscape paintings that he created from the late 1950s to the 1980s, the exhibition will present many works which have never been shown to the public before. Important archive materials related to the artist, such as catalogues, brochures and photos will also be displayed.

A self-taught artist, Hu Chi-Chung moved to Taiwan in 1950 where he started his career as a painter. After co-founding the Four Seas Artists Association with Fong Chung-Ray in 1957, Hu became a member of the Fifth Moon Group in 1961. He then emigrated from Taiwan to California in the early 1970s, due to considerable interest there by many collectors, galleries and museums in his work. Hu stayed in Carmel, a town on the central coast of California with a large population of artists, writers and photographers. From the early 1970s, he created the majority of his paintings there and it was the location of his first solo exhibition in the U.S.

Most of Hu’s paintings are comprised of thin layers of paint and detailed texture. His method of painting was to lay a canvas on the floor and then splash oil colors with thinners such as turpentine and linseed oil onto it. After the first layer of sand and oil colors were dry, more layers of color were applied to build up the composition and enhance the hues.

The forthcoming exhibition at Galerie du Monde will showcase more than 15 of the artist’s landscape paintings created over almost three decades. Most of the paintings are made using oil with sand on canvas – the artist’s unique method of painting which he first developed in 1958. As one of the most influential Fifth Moon members, Hu created his own painting styles and techniques which were based on traditional Chinese ink painting.

Hu Chi-Chung was a quiet person whose lifelong interest was painting. According to Jerry Hu, the younger son of the artist, “Painting was the language of his soul, and he used it to express not only his innermost thoughts, but also his joy and wonder at the world around him.” He expressed his emotions and thoughts through his artworks.

In the catalogue “Paintings by Contemporary Chinese Artist Hu”, published in 1966, Professor Yu Kwang-chung writes: “Hu-Chi-chung stands apart from his fellow artists … as nature does from factories. So pastoral is the feeling, so sumptuous is the color, so well balanced is the composition of his painting, that it basks the spectator in an easy warmth and a sense of well-being.”


世界畫廊 (Galerie du Monde) 隆重呈獻胡奇中於2012年逝世後的首個個人作品展。是次展覽將展出藝術家五十年代後期至八十年代之抽象山水油畫代表作品18件,以回顧胡氏在這二十多年的創作歷程。本次個展中,大部分的畫作及與藝術家有關的重要文獻將作首次公開展覽,如圖錄、冊頁和有關照片。

胡奇中(出生於中國浙江,1927年至2012年) 自學成材,於1950 年遷居台灣後便開始成為全職畫家。藝術家與馮鍾睿在1957年一起創辦「四海畫會」, 並於1961年加入「五月畫會」成為重要核心成員。胡氏於七十年代早期自台灣移居至美國加州,因當地眾多藏家、畫廊與博物館十分欣賞他的作品。因此他遷居至卡梅爾 (Carmel) 繼續進行藝術創作。卡梅爾是一個位於沿海的文化小鎮,該地集結了不少從事藝術行業的人士,如藝術家、作家,和攝影師。小鎮旖旎的風光及濃郁的文化氛圍啟發了胡氏的藝術創作,他隨即在卡梅爾成功舉辦了於美國的首次個人作品展。

是次世界畫廊 (Galerie du Monde) 個展將展示胡奇中二十多載之抽象山水畫作,當中大部份的畫作均在布面上以油彩混合細沙等媒材的手法來完成創作,該作畫之技法及材料是藝術家在1958年起獨有的標誌性繪畫語言。藝術家在創作時以松節油及亞麻籽油作稀釋油彩,先在布面上塗上一層稀薄的油彩顏料及細沙,待其完全乾透後,再於畫面上逐層加入有關顏料,以增加作品在視覺本身的層次與立體感。

胡氏作品以色彩絢麗,線條柔美及情感豐富著稱。胡氏作為「五月畫會」其中一重要成員,其將西方抽象表現概念融入東方美學之中,畫面糅合了中國傳統水墨畫構圖的風格以及留白等的技法,呈現出夢幻、浪漫的唯美氣息。胡氏個性內斂,視繪畫為終身興趣,其將個人情感寄予在作品之中。胡奇中二子Jerry Hu曾提及,「繪畫是訴說他 (胡奇中) 靈魂的語言,藉以表達其內心的想法,抒發自己愉悅的感受,並把他對周遭事物的好奇也透過繪畫來表現出來…」*

余光中教授在1966年出版的《Paintings by the Contemporary Chinese Artist Hu》圖錄中提及﹕「胡奇中與其他同期藝術家不同…如同自然與工廠在本質上的截然不同一樣。其作品富有田園詩意、用色豐富、構圖均稱,令觀賞者感到暖陽和煦一般的輕鬆及舒適。」*