Eudaemonia - FUNG Hoi-shan 《凌駕快樂》– 馮凱珊個人展覽

14/09/2017 - 11:00 - 14/10/2017 - 19:00
嘉圖現代藝術 Grotto Fine Art
中環雲咸街31號C-D 2樓

Eudaemonia - FUNG Hoi-shan

Opening: 5:30 – 8 pm, September 13, 2017
Exhibition Date: Sept 14 – Oct 14, 2017

Venue: Grotto Fine Art Ltd
2/F 31C-D Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Closed Sunday & public holidays
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Grotto Fine Art is pleased to present the first solo exhibition Eudaemonia by Hong Kong emerging artist FUNG Hoi-shan. ‘Eudaemonia’ is a Greek word defined as “the good composed of all goods; an ability which suffices for living well; perfection in respect of virtue; resources sufficient for a living creature.” by Plato. The debut exhibition shows a body of works that implies the pursuit of not only a wealthy life but also a spiritual state which happiness can be ignited - Eudaemonia. With the depiction of animal skin patterns representing the artist’s genuine emotions, she explores the relationship between introspection and external representation. The artist fabricates her thoughts through every twist of lines within her works, and thus searches for the traces of real happiness hidden behind.

About the Artist

Born in Hong Kong in 1993, Fung Hoi-shan graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016. Applying the techniques of traditional Chinese paintings, Fung works primarily with fine brushes and uses deep colour shades which create a dusky ambiance within her works. She expresses her most genuine feelings through the depiction of twists and movements of hair, meanwhile her works reflects the emotional linkages between individuals. She is especially skilled in using gold and silver colour to build rich layers that intertwine the reality and fantasy.


《凌駕快樂》– 馮凱珊個人展覽

開幕酒會:2017年9月13日 下午5時30分至8時正

展覽地點:嘉圖現代藝術 Grotto Fine Art–中環雲咸街31號C-D 2樓
開放時間:早上11時至晚上7時 (週日及公眾假期休息)
查詢方法:2121 2270 / [email protected] /

嘉圖現代藝術呈獻香港藝術家馮凱珊的首次個人展覽 — 凌駕快樂。「Eudaemonia」幸福論,哲學家栢拉圖將之定義為個人追求「止於至善;擁有自足性;絕對尊重美德;充足的生活資源」所實現的幸福。快樂的生活是大部份人所追求的,而《凌駕快樂》的系列作品中,所呈現的正是我們尋覓真正快樂的狀態 — 理性而積極生活所帶來的幸福。馮氏的作品透過毛髮扭動表現個人最純粹的情緒,探究內在天性與外表的微妙關係,尋覓被埋藏的真正快樂痕跡。