Club Cubic presents Halloween Party “Imprisoned 逃” - Day I & II

30/10/2017 - 22:00 - 01/11/2017 - 06:00
Club Cubic

This year our Haunted House returns at Macau’s hottest Halloween Party in Club Cubic. Spanning over 2 days, prepare yourself as we take you for a wildly scary night into Prisonal de Cube to ‘Meet the Warden’ on Day I (Mon 30 Oct) and see the aftermath of a prison riot as we ‘Breakout’ on Day II (Tue 31 Oct).

Since being founded in the 16th Century, the prison had been notorious for the horrifying punishments bestowed upon the unfortunate souls that were locked up there. Chained up, beaten, caged, half-drowned but never left for dead...

Dare to join us and visit Prisonal de Cube? Sign-up NOW for COMPLIMENTARY admission before 1AM. Very Limited for 500 places, first come first serve.

[ 30-31/10 (週一及週二) - 萬聖節派對 「Imprisoned 逃」 - 連續兩天! ]

今年十月,澳門最驚嚇的鬼屋派對再度回歸Club Cubic !「嬌比」即將搖身變成監獄,10月30(第一天 - 狂妄獄長Meet the Warden)及31日(第二天 - 飛越囚室Breakout),橫誇兩天,化身獄長和囚犯迎接萬聖節的來臨!


10月30及31日,連續兩天「Imprisoned逃」全城在逃!立即登記,可享1AM前免費入場,名額限量500名,先到先得, 立馬行動!


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Admission/門票: $280

RSVP: +853 66384999 or [email protected]

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