Club Cubic presents Natural High Record Night ft. Kibum & Milky

28/04/2018 - 22:00 - 29/04/2018 - 06:00
Club Cubic

We're excited to be hosting another Natural High Record night with some of Korea's freshest artists signed to BIGBANG Seungri's record label Natural High Record. Don't miss Kibum & Milky playing a night filled with the latest hot tracks mixed with a helping of k-pop as we party till the early hours. Join us 28 Apr (Sat) at Club Cubic for a night to remember!

熱烈期待4月28日(週六)韓國火紅廠牌Natural High Record 派對將再次回歸「嬌比」!萬勿錯過當晚由NHR旗下的韓國超新星電音藝人Kibum和Milky帶來整晚震撼不停的狂熱氣氛,各位Cubicans一同在4月28日(週六)享受非一般的韓流體驗!

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Admission/門票: $250

RSVP: +853 66384999 or [email protected]

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