Jaime Cheung & Clover Lei X Flower Summer Open Call Gig 6

28/09/2018 -
20:00 - 21:45
花好音樂廳 Flower Music 10

Open Call 2018 最後一Gig #singersongwriter #pop #jazz

花好音樂廳Open Call 2018最後一Gig請來Music IG擁有20K followers 的Jaime Cheung 及唱作人Clover Lei

日期Date:2018.09.28 (五) (Friday) 
費用Fees:$100 (預售) (advance) / $130 (即埸) (at the door)
地點Venue:花好音樂廳, 香港中環機利文街50號德享大厦10樓
Flower Music 10, 10/F, Tack Building, 50 Gilman Street, Central, Hong Kong
表演隊伍: Jaime Cheung X Clover Lei

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B) 銀行過數程序 Bank-transfer procedure
1.轉帳至恆生銀行戶口:385-804893-883 (户口名稱: 花好音樂有限公司)
Please transfer the payment to Hang Seng Bank account: 385-804893-883 (Account name: Flower Music Co.Ltd)
2. 把銀行收據(電話相片亦可)、閣下姓名及聯絡電話電郵至[email protected]
Then send us a copy of the bank transfer slip by email to [email protected]

本節目只給予花好音樂廳會員參加。 請於購票表格內申請成為會員。
Note: This is a private event for Flower Music 10 members only. Please fill out the membership application in the Ticket registration form

關於Jaime Cheung 張天穎
Jaime Cheung 剛從美國密歇根大學安娜堡分校畢業, 獲得表演和音樂工程學位 。除了在社交平台Instagram(@jaime_ctw)上分享現代流行歌曲,她亦有創作自己的歌曲。她希望透過音樂跟聽眾分享生活上不同的故事和文化。

About Jaime Cheung
Jaime Cheung recently graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a Media Performance and Music Engineering degree. Besides being known to be a cover artist on Instagram (@jaime_ctw), she is also an emerging singer-songwriter who wishes to share, to inspire and to connect individuals with stories and music.

關於Clover Lei

Clover Lei——她的歌聲被形容為微妙獨特,有靈魂感,耐人尋味。
7歲加入合唱團,很快跟隨合唱團參與國內登台巡演。2012年於香港獲得本科教育學學位,在港期間跟隨世界各地音樂人學習和表演爵士樂,之后前往加拿大,西班牙和墨西哥繼續進修表演音樂。掌握普通話、粵語、英語多門語言,還會說一些西班牙語。雷文曾在秘魯,墨西哥,加拿大,西班牙,香港等多地演出,與Alex Mercado(墨西哥),Alberto Medina(墨西哥),Alan Ferber(美國)等著名音樂大師合作表演,曾作為中國文化大使前往哈佛大學進行交流。
現在,Clover Lei是金爵士·珠海現代音樂(CMI)的一名聲樂老師,主要教授聲樂,基礎樂理,爵士歷史等科目。

About Clover Lei
This girl writes songs anytime, anywhere.
Clover studied jazz music at various locations such as Canada, Spain, Taiwan and from great music talents such as Alan Ferber, Rosana Eckert and Xevi Garcia Tarragó. Having played at live music venues of different places around the world, e.g. China, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, Peru, Spain, Mexico, she is described by her listeners as singing with a "sensual, subtle and unique" voice. With a charismatic personality that manifests itself in her singing styles, she absorbs the flow of tunes and wraps it in her style, Clover successfully creates a "intimate, moody yet nonchalant" connection with the listeners. Speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Jiujianghua, English and in the process of learning Spanish, she continues on her journey to find a point where she can fushion her love for music of both the East and the West.