Translution 透明體

21/09/2018 - 10:00 - 20/10/2018 - 19:00
Galerie du Monde
108 Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

Stella Zhang - Solo Exhibition
Artist's Reception: 6-8pm, 20 September (Thursday)
21 September - 20 October 2018

Galerie du Monde is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new conceptual works by Stella Zhang. The title Translution is a portmanteau of ‘transparent evolution’, which allows for the revealing or obscuring of contents held within at will. The exhibition showcases a visual reconciliation of the artist’s flickering memories and thoughts, deliberately and selectively making transparent those glimpses as they dart in and out of her peripheral vision. It is also a representation of Zhang’s progressive journey as an artist. Translution comes as the fourth collaboration between Zhang and Galerie du Monde, with a solo exhibition hosted by the gallery in 2015, presentation of the artist’s works by the gallery at Art Central in 2015 and in the Insights sector of Art Basel Hong Kong in 2016.

Comprised of a new wire installation, ink and charcoal drawings on mylar and 3D canvas works, Translution is an extension of the artist's renowned 0-Viewpoint series and a broader development in Zhang’s oeuvre. 0-Viewpoint is an outward display of the complex inner landscape mapped by the artist’s emotions. In conjunction with this, Translution is an active reconciliation of the artist’s thoughts. Zhang believes there is a perpetual energy that leaves humanity in a state of flux, but this energy also drives creativity and keeps us moving forward. Zhang makes it her quest to contend with this information, ordering it in such a way that it transcends abstract sentiment into a tangible medium.


藝術家出席酒會: 9月20日 - 晚上6-8時

世界畫廊欣然呈獻藝術家張爽最新個展《透明體》(Translution)。展覽名稱由英文「透明」(transparent)與「進化」(evolution)結合而成。對張爽而言,「透明體」不僅是對記憶與思維的流動性記錄,也是一種主動的調和。透明既可顯露,亦可遮蔽,具有呈現內部的意義,而有選擇的透明性表達是為了表現那些不易忘卻和被忽視的思緒。身體的感知經驗是每個人判斷自身、他人的存在、以及社會行爲的心理折射,影響每個人從内向外的審視,對人性有更加深入的了解。每個人自身都擁有多重矛盾的屬性,處於失衡-平衡-失衡的動態中,而矛盾的存在成爲一種驅動力。張爽把經常忽隱忽現地衝進她的視線的記憶與思緒進行調和,進而將其視覺化呈獻於展覽中。同時,是次個展亦見證張爽藝術生涯的演變。《透明體》是藝術家與世界畫廊第四次的合作,此前曾於2015年在畫廊舉辦了個展,並由畫廊代理參加了2015年的Art Central公共項目以及2016年於巴塞爾藝術展香港展會舉辦了個展。