The Museum of Plastic Nation

13/10/2018 - 12:00 - 10/11/2018 - 19:00
G/F, Mee Lun House, 2-4 Mee Lun St, Central, Hong Kon

AISHONANZUKA is please to announce a solo exhibition “The Museum of Plastic Nation” by Goro Murayama. It will be the first exhibition of the artist in Hong Kong.

Goro Murayama was born in Tokyo in 1983 and graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. After graduating from the Department of Fine Arts, he became a visiting researcher majoring in philosophy and studied cultural philosophy at the University of Vienna between 2015-2017. Murayama currently lives and works in Tokyo.

Murayama creates singularity by incorporating a system differences from his/her intention, combining a complicated system or another person's intervention as seen in a work referred to as coupling. Such unique expressions made him different from the other artists. His unique methological paintings received high praises internationally. He was selected the 4th shiseido art egg “The re-enchantment of painting system” Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo) “MOT collection MOT” The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo), “VOCA2013 -the vision of contemporary art” The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo), “PARALLEL” Alte Post (Vienna), “MUSAO- Museum astray Ottakring” MASC FOUNDATION (Vienna), “Simulation Poiesis” Spektakel (Vienna) “Emergence of Order” Daiwa Foundation Japan House (London). Murayama will be one of the participating artists in the Setouchi International Art Festival in 2019.

In this exhibition entitled “The museum of plastic nation”, he will develop completely new works based on the two keywords “plastic” and “boys”. Murayama believes that the two words “plastic” and “boy” have common metaphor which are plastically flexible and easily changes shapes or minds by forming force. He also thinks that it is the same case in the part that existence cannot fully be utilized in modern society. Therefore, the artist himself became a “boy” and released or did acrylic paint (plasticize) to unravel being slavery from society, regained plasticized and formative properties, and explored the beauty of the original essence of plastic (boys). One part of the sense of blockage held by young people who are called modern boys can blame society and adults. For those who can only see human and things as a part of the industry, Murayama hopes that we can imagine one aspect of a new future for a series of works spun from this keyword “Plastic/Boy”.

The exhibition is represented by a methodological boy’s mind and playful tricks such as paint coupling with a guest artist, painting which uses synesthesia with music, self-made painting, etc. He is going to exhibit many paintings that were created recently. We will have a reception party with the artist on October 13th. Please meet the artist in person and enjoy this unique exhibition.