[EXHIBITION 展覽] Picturing the Bauhaus: Erich Consemüller’s Photography of the World’s Most Famous Design School 影像包浩斯:埃里希‧葛斯梅勒鏡頭下舉世聞名的設計學府

12/04/2019 - 09:30 - 21/07/2019 - 18:30

In collaboration with the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and the HKU Museum Society, the University Museum and Art Gallery will present "Picturing the Bauhaus: Erich Consemüller‘s Photography of the World's Most Famous Design School" from April 12 to July 21, 2019. “Picturing the Bauhaus” celebrates 100 years of the famed design school’s influence through the photographic eye of Bauhaus student and instructor Erich Consemüller.

Erich Consemüller (1902–1957) trained as a carpenter before moving to Weimar to enrol in the Bauhaus School, where he studied from 1922–1927. Apart from time spent in the workshop in Dessau, Consemüller was commisioned to photo-document the building, and to capture images of his fellow students and their design work.

This UMAG exhibition of Erich Consemüller’s photographs highlights the school building’s interior features and artistic works created by Bauhaus artists, including Consemüller’s own design for a tea table and his collaborations with Marcel Breuer on Thost House in Hamburg.

At the core of Bauhaus training was the ‘bau’ (building), within which students would spend their first year experimenting with colour, form and materials before choosing specialisations. One example of this cross-discplinary expertise can be seen in the designs of Marianne Brandt, who established herself as a master in metal, wood and various forms of lighting.

Works shown here highlight a range of novel techniques developed from students and teachers, such as textile innovations like “Eisengarn” and Marcel Breuer’s furniture forms structured on bent tubular steel. These new materials and technologies merged into a utilitarian grace which established the Bauhaus as arguably the most significant modernist art movement of the 20th century.


埃里希‧葛斯梅勒 (一九零二–一九五七) 曾受訓成為一名木匠,其後於一九二二年至一九二七年間入讀威瑪的包浩斯。葛斯梅勒除了專注於德紹工坊的工作外,亦受委託以攝影來記錄包浩斯教學大樓,並捕捉學生們及其設計作品的影像。



本展覽的展品涵蓋一系列由包浩斯師生們研發的創新技術,如紡織創新物料Eisengarn (意指「鐵紗線」)、和馬塞‧布羅伊爾所設計以扭曲鋼管為材的家具形式等。種種新穎的材料和技術,交織出一種實用之美,成就包浩斯或成為二十世紀最重要的現代藝術運動。