HONOUR (CAPSTONE) PROJECT SHOW: Digital Media in Curating and Illusion of Depth

09/04/2019 - 10:00 - 14/04/2019 - 18:00
Rm 1, Podium B2, Eduhk Gallery

The show exhibits two Eduhk final year students' artwork, including painting, collage and installation. After studying those literature, researches and experiment of their research topic, they created the artworks. Also, they wish to express the critical views and attitude on their research topic and explore the new insight and connotation of the artwork for further creation.

Participating Artists:

Chan Ying Wai (Yetta)
"Svimting" (游覽中), combing "swimming" and "visiting", is the name of Yetta's work. The reason why combined these two words rely on audience to experience the work and find the answer. For her work, she, as the role of artist and curator, explores the way of using digital media in curating and try to apply some strategies in using digital to make an installation, which is a mini art exhibition at the same time. By this experimental work, she wants to criticize if digital media applying is good or bad in designing visitor experience, as well as if these experience achieve the actual and the pure intention in art exhibition.

Wong Lai Tung (Terena)
Completing more than 30 community art projects, street artworks, 3D mural paintings and 3D floor painting in Hong Kong, USA, Italy and China, I have been painting the illusion of depth on 2-D arts for few years. Depicting the stereopsis becomes my particular interest in my artworks. This capstone project acts as research for my artistic practice and aims to look for something new for myself to use in my art creation. Not only creating the paintings to give a sense of depth but how could be done by the other materials? This capstone project does.