【PORTRAIT】Solo exhibition by Timothy Chau

15/04/2019 - 18:30 - 14/05/2019 - 23:30
Naked Hug Gallery
香港上環新街5-13號 G/F 地下

近年來,鄒昊宏專注於研究和探索網上自拍照。 這種當代形式的“肖像”在於本質上是短暫的,在彈指間沉沒或被刪掉,其精神與傳統肖像畫所渴望達到的永恆意志相反。

鄒昊宏利用油彩製作大型肖像畫,模仿在網絡世界中漂流的自拍照。 他的肖像畫中,當中有一些人是虛構的,而有些則是已經無法找到當時人的孤魂。然而畫家本人並非他或他們,從第一身到旁觀的他者,畫家透過重新創作和假裝這些繪畫都是自畫其實是一次扮演,扮演不同的他/她。這些自畫像嘗試探索並把他者的自我具體化 :構構一個似是而非的身份。 畫及其標題拼湊出在這個當代社會中的生活的故事片段,成為身份的隱喻。


開幕酒會: 2019年4月16日 (下午6時至晚上8時 )
展場地址:Naked Hug Gallery
香港上環新街5-13號 G/F 地下

In recent years, Zau concentrates on the research and study of selfies. This contemporary form of ‘self-portrait’ is transient in nature, as opposed to the eternal will of traditional portraiture.

Zau uses oil on canvas to make large-scale selfies-like paintings that imitate self-portraits floating in the digital world. Zau is not they but pretending to be them. Some of the people in his portrait paintings are fictional, while some are anonymous selfies that are unable to find the original person. By recreating and pretending these paintings are all self-portraits, he explores the role of online selfies in constructing an embodied self – the plausible identity, a narrative that helps in shaping one’s individuality. The portrait painting, together with the caption-like title tells a fragment of a story about how people live their lifes in this contemporary society - a metaphor of identity.

It’s all fake but real.

16 April - 14 May 2019
Artist: Zau Hou Wang Timothy
Curator: Ip Hiu Yin Rachel
Opening Reception: 16 April 2019 (6 - 8 p.m.)
Address: Naked Hug Gallery
G/F, 5-13 New Street, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Hong