[EXHIBITION 展覽] From Paris to Venice: A photographic journey by Willy Ronis 從巴黎走到威尼斯:維利.羅尼的攝影之旅

31/05/2019 - 09:30 - 27/10/2019 - 18:00


── 維利.羅尼,一九五六年六月

記者、工業攝影師和插畫家維利.羅尼(一九一零–二零零九) 是二十世紀世紀法國攝影的關鍵人物。從一九三零年代至二零零零年代,羅尼在這八十個寒暑間始終懷着興奮而期待的心情,穿梭於首都或國家南部縱橫交錯的街道,用鏡頭來捕捉法國的人民。羅尼鍾情於偶遇的快樂,致力捕捉「日常生活點滴」。他的攝影除了聚焦於家人和摯友如妻子瑪麗.安娜和兒子文森外,更包括他在漫步美麗城時邂逅的陌生人。羅尼是「十五人集團」的成員,對捍衛攝影師的事業充滿激情和熱誠。一九五一年,現代藝術博物館舉辦了羅尼、卡蒂爾- 布雷松、布拉塞、杜瓦諾和伊勢的作品展,羅尼的攝影因而獲得更廣泛的認同。

香港大學(港大)美術博物館於二零一九年五月三十一日至十月二十七日呈獻《從巴黎走到威尼斯:維利.羅尼的攝影之旅》展覽。是次展覽的照片由法國文化部建築及文化遺產媒體中心惠借。法國文化部建築及文化遺產媒體中心的羅尼攝影作品收藏豐富,括十萬八千張底片、九千張幻燈片、二萬三百幀照片、六本參考攝影相冊、接觸影像索引圖、檔案 ( 日記、手寫文稿、私人和正式書信) 及圖書館。羅尼一直認為被攝影作品重現的背景脈絡、並隨附的筆記是至關重要的。因此,本展覽部分重點照片配有羅尼親撰的評論、或援引他自一九八五年起出版的六本攝影集內的文字。


策展人:Matthieu Rivallin 先生 及 羅諾德博士

The exhibition is now extended to October 27, 2019.

“All the attention is fixed on a unique moment, almost too good to be true, which can evaporate in the next second and provokes a feeling that is impossible to obtain using staged artifices.”

— Willy Ronis, June 1956

Reporter, industrial photographer and illustrator, Willy Ronis (1910–2009) was one of the key figures of twentieth-century French photography. For eight decades, from the 1930s to the 2000s, he pointed his camera lens at the French people, criss-crossing the streets of the capital or the south of the country with a perpetually-renewed pleasure. A photographer of joyful happenstance, Ronis captured the “slices of everyday life” of his family and friends, such as his wife Marie-Anne or his sonVincent, but also strangers who he came across while taking a detour through the streets of Belleville. A member of the Groupe des XV, he vigorously and passionately defended the career of photographer. In 1951, his work gained broader recognition during an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, where it was shown alongside works by Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Doisneau and Izis.

The University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong presents "From Paris to Venice: A photographic journey by Willy Ronis" from May 31 to October 27, 2019. The photographic prints in this exhibition are on loan from the Médiathèque de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine collection, which houses the 108,000 negatives, 9000 slides, 20,300 prints and 6 albums of the photographer’s reference prints, as well as his contact sheets, archives (diaries, handwritten texts, personal and professional letters) and library. Ronis always considered the context in which his works were reproduced as being crucial, along with the accompanying notes. Therefore, some of the most important works on display here are coupled with comments or quotes from the photographer, drawn from the six photobooks that he published beginning in 1985.

Carefully selected from the enormous oeuvre Ronis left behind, our exhibition offers an overview of the famous photographer’s work, the photographic genre he helped to create and the iconic views and pictorial compositions that assisted formulating the romantic imagery of Paris and other places that we hold dear today. This project is a collaboration between the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong kong and Alliance Française in Hong Kong and the Jeu de Paume, a National Museum in Paris.

— Co-curators: Mr. Matthieu Rivallin and Dr. Florian Knothe