[EXHIBITION 展覽] Jen Bervin: Silk Poems 簡‧博文:絲詩

15/11/2019 - 09:30 - 23/02/2020 - 18:00


簡•博文與來自超過三十所國際紡織檔案館、醫學圖書館、納米技術與生物醫學實驗室、以及位於北美、歐洲、中東和亞洲等地的蠶蟲養殖場的專家們,攜手合作完成《絲詩》這個歷時六年的研究項目 (二零一零至二零一六)。

由於蠶絲與人體組織具有生物相容性,人類的免疫系統並不排斥蠶絲,甚至它能用於如大腦般重要而敏感的器官;故蠶絲除了傳統的紡織應用外,研究人員正以嶄新的生物醫學科技來進行蠶絲實驗。在是次展覽中,視覺藝術家和作家簡‧博文糅合蠶絲的傳統應用與尖端的研究技術 ── 探索蠶絲的文化、科學及語言學的複雜性。



本展覽另設有顯微鏡觀賞區,亦會放映由電影製片人夏洛特‧拉加德拍攝、記錄了整個研究項目的影片,以及簡‧博文朗讀其著作《絲詩》的片段。與此同時,展覽更會展示一幅特大的蠶絲織物數碼印刷品和Granary Books出版社出版的《絲詩》限定版的相關資料。

這次簡•博文的訪港交流和專題展覽,是「香港國際詩歌之夜2019」的節目環節之一。香港國際詩歌之夜是兩年一度的文學節,香港大學美術博物館今年再度與詩人北島和香港詩歌節基金會合作舉辦是次盛事。本館於二零一九年十一月二十日至二十四日舉辦一系列黃昏朗誦會,內容涵蓋三十位屢獲殊榮的國際詩人的詩作,包括簡•博文的作品、及由Noise Asia唱片公司策劃的音樂表演。

The exhibition is now extended to February 23, 2020.

Jen Bervin’s “Silk Poems” began as a six-year research project (2010–2016) developed with expertise from more than thirty international textile archives, medical libraries, nanotechnology and biomedical labs, and sericulture sites in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Beyond silk’s traditional use in textiles, researchers are now experimenting with the material in novel forms of biomedical technology, as silk is compatible with human tissue; the immune system can accept silk on surfaces as sensitive as the human brain. In the UMAG exhibition “Silk Poems”, visual artist and author Bervin melds the medium’s traditional applications with cutting edge research—engaging with silk’s cultural, scientific and linguistic complexities.

In 2016, Ms Bervin collaborated with scientists at the Tufts University Bioengineering Department on fabricating her poetry at nanoscale. In this process, a mask was used to etch her poetry in gold spatter onto a silicon wafer, and then liquid silk was poured over the wafer. As the silk dried, the letters remained suspended in the film, resulting in a work that can be viewed through a microscope.

Throughout the exhibition, Bervin’s poetry is recreated in the form of a strand of DNA so as to reflect both the filament pattern that silkworms create when making their cocoon and the genetic structure of silk, which forms like the weft thread in weaving.
Along with the microscope station, the exhibition also includes a video by filmmaker Charlotte Lagarde detailing the project, footage of Bervin reading from her book “Silk Poems”, an over-sized digital print on silk fabric, and materials related to the special edition of the “Silk Poems” publication that was produced by Granary Books.

Ms Bervin’s exhibition and appearance in Hong Kong are part of 2019’s International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong (IPNHK), a biennial literary festival that will be hosted again this year at UMAG, in collaboration with the poet Bei Dao and the Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation. A series of evening readings will be hosted at UMAG (20–24 November 2019), featuring work from 30 award-winning international poets, including Ms Bervin, and musical performances curated by record company Noise Asia.