M+ 思考 M+ Matters:女性、建築與城市的對話 Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City

23/11/2019 -
10:00 - 18:00

M+ 思考:女性、建築與城市的對話
M+ Matters: Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City

23.11.2019 (六 Sat) 10:00am - 6:00pm

Miller Theatre, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

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Free admission. Limited capacity on a first-come, first-served basis
女性在建築界所取得的成就歷來備受忽視,即使在當今社會也不例外。有見及此,M+與香港大學建築學院合辦「M+ 思考:女性、建築與城市的對話」研討會,推動香港公眾探討這一話題。研討會將聚焦九位女性的生平和作品,以及她們如何形塑亞洲建築環境,促使人們重新審視評價建築的準則和方法。

歷史學家、編輯、教育工作者將於一系列對話環節中聚首,探討1950至1980年代女性建築師的創作手法和原則,以及世人對其作品的認識程度。這些對話首先圍繞 Minnette de Silva(1918至1998年)和王秋華(生於1925年)展開,前者乃斯里蘭卡女性建築師先驅,後者是以設計台灣的圖書館聞名的建築師。藉由檢視她們的作品,探問應如何建構她們的人生歷史。接着會以陳翠兒及溫馮月珊的編輯與策展工作為切入點,就女性在建築界的中介協調角色作深入交流;然後聚焦何永賢和鄺心怡的作品,討論女性對公共服務的貢獻,並透過歐中樑、梁慶儀和梁幗平的作品,研究女性建築師以個人或合伙方式執業時面臨的挑戰。是次受邀與會的著名學者與業界人士包括鄭炳鴻、鍾宏亮、許麗玉、Tariq Jazeel、李詩韻、羅坤、黃向軍和姚嘉珊。


「M+ 思考:女性、建築與城市的對話」由香港大學建築學院副教授成美芬與M+設計及建築策展人王蕾,以及香港大學研究助理吳宜恩與M+設計及建築策展助理張知行策劃。


1. 歷史、檔案與缺失:重構建築界的女性敘事
2. 思考、書寫與建築:建築群體的媒介
3. 協商、建設與維護:為公眾服務
4. 建築、設計與製圖:個人與協作實踐

'M+ Matters: Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City’ is a joint effort between M+ and the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture, which seeks to initiate public conversations in Hong Kong on the under-represented histories and contemporary realities of women in architectural production. The discussions examine the life and work of nine women and their roles in shaping the built environment in Asia, prompting the reappraisal of criteria and methods used to assess architecture.

The series of dialogues brings together historians, editors, and educators to probe issues related to values and approaches in the practices of women architects between the 1950s and the 1980s—as well as the visibility of these practices. Conversations begin with a focus on Minnette de Silva (1918–1998), a pioneering woman architect in Sri Lanka; and Wang Chiu-hwa (born 1925), an architect known for her designs of libraries in Taiwan. An examination of their work raises questions of how their histories could be constructed. Taking the editorial and curatorial work of Corrin Chan and Julia Fung as a point of departure, a further exchange of views explores the role of women as mediators in architecture. This is followed by discussions of women’s contributions to public service that focus on the work of Winnie Ho and Anna Kwong. The challenges of women pursuing private practice as individuals and in collaborative partnerships are studied through the work of Joanlin Au, Joan Leung, and Nora Leung. Invited interlocutors include the prominent scholars and practitioners Wallace Chang, Thomas Chung, Hsu Li-yu, Tariq Jazeel, Clover Lee, Cole Roskam, Koon Wee, and Marisa Yiu.

The event marks the first collaboration between a museum and a university to address this topic in Asia. It informs both institutions’ collecting and research methodologies, which take into account the non-linear narratives and fluid identities of women architects as part of an expanded and more inclusive effort for the profession.

'M+ Matters: Conversations on Women, Architecture, and the City' is organised by Eunice Seng (Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong) and Shirley Surya (Curator, Design and Architecture, M+), with Ina Wu (Research Assistant, University of Hong Kong) and Noel Cheung (Curatorial Assistant, Design and Architecture, M+).

Date: 23 November 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00am–6:00pm
Venue: Miller Theatre, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Language: English and Mandarin, with simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese and English

1. Histories, Archives, and the Lack thereof: Constructing Stories of Women in Architecture
2. Thinking, Writing, and Building: Mediating Architectural Publics
3. Negotiating, Building, and Preserving: Serving the Public
4. Building, Designing, and Drawing: Individual and Collaborative Practices