Everyday Practice at 20 - Chan Sai-lok Solo Exhibition

28/05/2020 - 16:00 - 21/06/2020 - 18:00
Hidden Space
Unit 6, 16/F, Block A, Wah Tat Industrial Centre, 8-10 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Hing, Hong Kong

Everyday Practice at 20
Chan Sai-lok Solo Exhibition

28 May - 21 June 2020
Opening: Saturday 6 June, 5-8pm
Artist Sharing: Saturday 13 June, 3-5pm (in Cantonese)
Hours: Thu & Fri, 4-8pm; Sat & Sun, 1-7pm
Or by appointment: [email protected], fb or IG message

Hidden Space, Unit 6, 16/F, Block A,
Wah Tat Industrial Centre, 8-10 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Hing, Hong Kong

Hidden Space is delighted to present Chan Sai-lok’s solo exhibition Everyday Practice at 20, the culmination of a series of experiments and exhibitions that began in 2018 and have continued evolving across time and spaces between New York, Hong Kong, Denmark and back home in Hong Kong again.

Chan began his “red” series during a 2018 residency in New York. Experiencing a culture and history so remote from his own, he used the residency as an opportunity to unlearn his artistic ideology and creative trajectory; to explore states of flux and connection where nobody knows where the changes will take us. As Chan explored the relationships between painting, text, words, and identity, works have emerged that fuse colour, culturally specific materials, found objects from Hong Kong and the US, and intertwined texts in English and Cantonese. His text – fragmented, layered, overlapping, printed, painted, cut from acrylic sheet - range from his own poetry, lines from the American Declaration of Independence (taken from the information package given to new immigrants by the US government), to seminal Cantonese song lyrics and graffiti.

What initially appear to be ‘straightforward’ paintings, on closer inspection are translucent coloured silk layered over painted rice paper, flags, over 3D acrylic Chinese characters taken apart into individual phonemes, the silk itself printed with digital photographs taken on the streets. With their unique materiality and cultural significance, exercise books, silk, flags, rice paper, and joss paper have become painting material for Chan, while the exhibition site itself has become a key locale of painting.

In 2019, as Hong Kong was hit by unprecedented turmoil, as more and more graffiti appeared in the streets, erased, re-written, painted over, Chan’s work had already mirrored it and grew to incorporate it. In his notes he writes, “The history of a place moves forwards slowly as it sinks and floats during the process of writing and being erased. The true face of history is formed during the resonance of struggle and contradiction.” Chan could not help but contemplate his own and his city’s linked identities. In questioning how he should act, and his future during artistic creation, it has become increasingly important to him to persevere in his way of life through daily art practice as a means to engage with constantly changing environments.

This exhibition marks the finale of the “red” series… and the beginning of a new stage.


As an artist, art critic, and writer based in Hong Kong, CHAN Sai-lok (HK) glides across fields of art and literary practice, education, art criticism and gender studies. Chan holds a BA and MFA in Fine Art and an MA in Gender Studies, all from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chan is a winner of the UOB Art in Ink Award, and has been a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize. His solo exhibitions include Everyday Practice (Flux Factory, NYC, 2019), Land of Longing and Exile (Experimental Gallery, HK Art Centre, 2019), Alongside Poetry in an Alley (Shop A3, curated by Yang Yeung, 2016-17), and Somewhere (Goethe-Institut, 2016). Seven Reds Towards Light was a recent poem installation (ARoS Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark, 2019). His exhibition catalogue The Countenance of Text was published last year. Chan was one of the editors of Qiuying poetry magazine, an executive committee member of The House of Hong Kong Literature, and is a co-founder of Art Appraisal Club.

This exhibition is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


Everyday Practice at 20

地址:Hidden Space 香港葵涌華星街8-10號華達工業中心A座16樓06室

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Hidden Space很榮幸參與籌辦阿三的最新個展《Everyday Practice at 20》。是次展覽總結了阿三自2018年的創作歷程,從紐約、香港、丹麥再回到香港的一連串展覽與實驗。






阿三(香港),藝術家、藝評及寫作人。遊走於藝術創作、文學書寫、教育、評論及性別研究場域。香港中文大學藝術系畢業,後修畢藝術碩士(創作)及性別研究文學碩士課程。作品曾入選Sovereign傑出亞洲藝術獎、獲大華銀行年度水墨藝術大獎等。近年個展包括《Everyday Practice》(紐約Flux Factory,2019)、《一夕餘地》(香港藝術中心實驗畫廊,2019)、《通往光的七道紅》詩歌裝置(丹麥ARos Art Museum,2019)、《在詩的港口》實驗計劃(香港Shop A3,2016-17)及《在何地》(香港歌德學院,2016)等。其作品小輯《文本有相》於去年出版。阿三曾擔任《秋螢》詩刊編輯及香港文學館理事;現為Art Appraisal Club創會成員。