挪用藝術梵谷自畫像閃粉畫 : Van Gogh Self Portrait spectacular Glitter reimagined [工作室貴賓閱覽:Private Viewing Only]

29/11/2020 (全日) - 23/12/2020 (全日)
還有 29 天
Gallery Michael Andrew Law
32 Fortress Hill Rd

梵谷自畫像閃粉畫挪用藝術工作室貴賓閱覽: 11月 29 日(星期四)舉行至 12月 23 日。
炮台山道32號富嘉閣3D 由於目前工作室對預防流行疾病實施人流管制措施,展覽僅限私人預約,每次可允許 +1 位額外的訪客最多20分鐘參觀的預約,請先以電子郵件查詢名額 - 注意!抱歉,謝絕所有不請自來的參觀。

Michael Andrew Law 工作室很高興為您呈獻畫家「假設©朱利安·施納貝爾肯畫波普藝術™」系列新單幅作品。並設有限度工作室貴賓閱覽 。

在本系列中,畫家 Michael Andrew Law 與諸如達文西,莫迪利亞尼,弗洛伊德和馬奈等過去具影響力的藝術家進行四度空間對話。Michael Andrew Law 於「假設©朱利安·施納貝爾肯畫波普藝術™」系列中對凡高自畫像作重新演繹,製作成一系列吸引眼球而且閃耀亮麗的作品。引用荷蘭後印象派畫家文森特·凡·高(Vincent van Gogh)在1889年9月在畫布上的油畫肖像。這幅作品可能是凡·高(Van Gogh)的最後一幅自畫像,在他離開聖雷米·普羅旺斯(Saint-Rémy-de-Providence)不久之前在法國南部創作的。參考的原作現在在巴黎的奧賽博物館。

自畫像是梵高在十年間創作的約30幅作品之一,這些是他作為作品體系的重要組成部分。梵高(Van Gogh)會畫自己,因為他經常缺乏錢來招聘模特兒。他將畫作帶到了巴黎附近的瓦茲河畔瓦茲,在那兒向Paul Gachet博士展示了這幅畫,他認為那幅畫絕對是“狂熱的”。以絢麗的彩色畫家自製手作閃粉為基礎色,它由一系列重疊的,不同的筆觸法,潑彩法或滴繪畫法組成,重建了一幅閃爍著的著名畫作。繪畫風格豪邁有趣,這不是畫家Michael Andrew Law 第一次從流行文化和藝術史中獲取靈感,同時使得作文雅俗共賞。

以照片寫實主義和波普藝術繪畫著稱的畫家Michael Andrew Law在這裡給他們新增了一種創意異變 - 沒有照板煮碗復制著名畫作的表象,反而利用圖像創造更富生命力的畫面。這些著名的繪畫以富有表現力的方式表現出對藝術史的喜悅–使觀眾想起藝術的包容而從中獲得簡單歡樂。反覆重訪畫家Michael Andrew Law職業生涯早期使用的創作過程,直接在電腦上重新設計了他多年收集的名畫數碼檔案,然後印刷在製圖紙上並用膠黏貼在各種尺寸的畫布上。然後以自製閃粉,再以厚塗顏料和流動顏料進行渲染,有時覆蓋的顏料幾乎掩蓋了大部分底稿。

由於目前工作室對預防流行疾病實施人流管制措施,展覽僅限私人預約,每次可允許 +1 位額外的訪客最多20分鐘參觀的預約,請先以電子郵件查詢名額 - 注意!抱歉,謝絕所有不請自來的參觀。

Private view Only: October 29th – November 27th, 2020
3D Fu Kar Court, 32 Fortress Hill Road, Hong Kong

Studio Michael Andrew Law is pleased to present a new series of paintings by the artist.

In this series, Law is in dialogue with artists of the past, such as Da Vinci, Modigliani, Freud, and Manet, among others.

Michael Andrew Law’s interpretation of Van Gogh self-portrait from his What if ©Julian Schnabel goes Pop™ series are bright in your face as soon as you lay eyes on them.

Referencing Dutch Post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh painted a self-portrait in oil on canvas in September 1889. The work, which may have been Van Gogh's last self-portrait, was painted shortly before he left Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in southern France.The painting Law referenced from is now at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

That self-portrait was one of about 30 van Gogh produced over a 10-year period, and these were an important part of his work as a painter; Van Gogh would paint himself because he often lacked the money to pay for models. He took the painting with him to Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris, where he showed it to Dr Paul Gachet, who thought it was "absolutely fanatical".

Backed by a brilliant colour hand made glitter, made up of a series of overlapping, differently brush strokes, splatters or drips, reconstructing a famous painting shining with glitter. All These artworks of this series belong to the same cultural whole.

The painterly style is playful and fun, and not the first time that artists have taken from popular culture and art history either to make a statement, or simple to have a good time.

Law, well known for his photorealism and pop art paintings, has added a twist to them here – instead of copying the representation of these famous images, Law has utilized these images to create a more dynamic picture.

These famous paintings represented in such expressive ways taking on a joy of their own – they remind us of the easygoing nature of art and the simple pleasures that we took from it. What if ©Julian Schnabel goes Pop™ is a way to recapture that feeling in art.

Revisiting a process used earlier in his career, Law designed directly on the computer with the reproductions of these famous images that he collected over the years, then printed on paper and glued onto canvases of various sizes. Then rendered in glitter, thick and dripping paint that almost completely obscures the original references.

Due to the current restrictions concerning the CORONA-virus, this exhibition is limited to private viewing by appointment only, One additional guest is allowed with each reservation, 20-minute appointment for 1 party of up to 2 people, email us to reserve your spot. Attention! Strictly NO WALK-INS allowed, Sorry.