Performance and Cultural Studies Lecture Series 2021 表演與文化研究講座系列 2021

05/03/2021 -
15:30 - 17:00
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26/03/2021 -
15:30 - 17:00
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30/04/2021 -
15:30 - 17:00
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Performance and Cultural Studies Lecture Series 2021 表演與文化研究講座系列 2021

Lecture 1: What Makes a City Cultural? 第一講: 《城市如何文化?》
Guest speaker: Louis YU (Senior Arts Administrator)
1530 – 1700 I Friday 5 March 2021 (Hong Kong Time)
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《城市如何文化? 》

What makes a city cultural?
What is culture? What do we refer to when we describe a city’s culture?
Using the Hong Kong experience and overseas examples, this lecture explores how everyone’s belief, everyday life, creation and memory shape the culture in the city.

於2019年1月,在他的帶領下,第一個西九大型表演 藝術設施戲曲中心順利開幕。而第二個西九表演藝術設施自由空間亦已經於2019年6月開幕。

Louis Yu, Senior arts administrator from Hong Kong.
Mr. Yu has over 30 years of arts management experience. He worked for the West Kowloon Cultural District from 2010 to 2019 as the Executive Director, Performing Arts.
Before that he was the Chief Executive(2007-2010) of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Executive Director (2001-2007) of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.
Under his leadership, the first major venue - the Xiqu Centre was open in January 2019 and the second performing arts venue - the freespace was open in June.
Mr. Yu completed his work in June 2019 and started his study in the LSC Cities in the London School of Economics.

Lecture 2: Sound as Music as Culture 第二講: 《聲音-音樂-文化》
Guest speaker: Frederick LAU (Chair and Professor, Department of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
1530 – 1700 I Friday 26 March 2021 (Hong Kong Time)
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但是,他們的研究與路向和方法恰恰是與19世紀末歷史音樂學創始人吉爾多·阿德勒(Guildo Adler)所構想的截然不同。

Sound as Music as Culture
Music has long been a topic of interest for scholars in various disciplines.
Their approaches however couldn’t be more different from what the founding father of historical musicology Guildo Adler had envisioned at the end of the nineteenth century.
Initially focusing on style and structure of European classical music, the study of music has come a long way and now includes a range of approaches and perspectives.
This talk focuses on recent developments in the study of music and its implication in and contribution to the study of people, culture, and society.


Frederick Lau is chair and professor of Ethnomusicology and director of the Center for Chinese Music Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
His scholarly interests include a broad range of topics in Chinese, Western, and Asian music and cultures. Apart from publishing books and articles, he is editor of the book series entitled Music and Performing Arts of Asia and the Pacific.
Prior to teaching in Hong Kong, he was professor of music and ethnomusicology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and California Polytechnic State University.

Lecture 3: Hong Kong Cantonese Opera in Imagined Modernity 第三講: 《想像現代化中的香港》
Guest speakers: YU Siu Wah (Adjunct Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University) and LI Siu Leung (Adjunct Professor, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)
1530 – 1700 I Friday 30 April 2021 (Hong Kong Time)
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Organizer:Master of Cultural Studies (MCS) Programme, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University

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The event will be conducted in English. Advance Registration is required.
The event is supported by “Postgraduate Student Learning Enhancement Activities Funds, Lingnan University”