RE-FORMAT: Pop-up Exhibition

17/03/2016 -
19:00 - 22:00
7/F no 36 Belcher's Street

Opening Reception / Thursday, March 17, 2016 7-10PM
Artist Talk / Thursday, March 17, 2016 8PM

We are pleased to announce RE-FORMAT, a group exhibition featuring works by Michelle Claase, Sophie Cyzewski, Jason Kam, and Yi-Hsin Tzeng. The works exhibited explore each artist's distinctive narratives and experiences in deconstruction and alteration of personal identity within the fluxes of contemporary time and fluid art media. Their works are manifested in alternative painting, magazine paper, digital media, and performances while invoking and challenging the notion of body objectification, value of labor and art, and complex layers of dislocation. Michelle Claase, Sophie Cyzewski, and Jason Kam are current candidates for Painting BFA at SCAD-HK.

「RE-FORMAT」藝術聯展:四位來自不同文化背景的藝術家Michelle Claase、Sophie Cyzewski、甘聖韜及曾怡馨,在現代社會急速步伐、當代藝術不斷湧現新形式的大環境中,以藝術家敏銳觸角,分享他們對身份解構及轉變的獨特論述和體驗。藝術家利用另類繪畫、雜誌、數碼、行為藝術等多種媒介,對身體物化、勞動和藝術的價值、及多重身分迷失的概念進行反思和批判。Michelle Claase、Sophie Cyzewski和甘聖韜正於薩凡納藝術設計大學修讀繪畫學士學位課程。

Michelle Claase (b.1989, South Africa) has been based in Hong Kong for the past seven years. She often deals with the body as the subject of her work, exploring themes surrounding identity, anonymity, defence mechanisms and entrapment within the human form. Claase's background as a fashion model has contributed to her interest with the body. In her recent work, Claase alters the image of the models from fashion magazines, removing and fragmenting the figures' identities and bodies to transform them like lifeless dolls - mannequins. The figures' disassembled parts are reattached, re-visualized to look like puppets, which evokes the fashion industry's exploitive usage of body images in its branding.

Sophie Cyzewski (b. 1994, United States) has participated in various group exhibitions in US and France, such as Project: Liminal (Indigo Sky Gallery), Landfall (Gutstein Gallery), and Goodbye-Hello (Non-Fiction Gallery). Cyzewski’s work investigates the idea of anonymity, value, and identity in forms of painting, sculpture, and video. Cyzewski's current work has evolved as a response to her recent move to Hong Kong from the States. Made In China, a performative installation piece, allows Cyzewski to play the role of a fictional American CEO as well as a foreign laborer, criticizing the dual identity of an artist and a commercial engine. In disguise, she investigates the possibilities of who she might be.

Shing To Jason Kam (b. 1994, Hong Kong) participated in various group shows in US, such as Alexander Ink (Alexander Hall),Design Hope Art Show (St. Andrew Savannah), and Convo Club Art Exposition (Late Church Savannah). Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kam’s work addresses Hong Kong’s social issues in a subtle and personal way. He wrestles with singular and limiting vision of the truth believed by individuals through his conceptual pieces in multiple media such as printmaking, installations, and performances.

Ip Wai Lung (b. 1989, Hong Kong) works in photography and body performance. His works explore personal repression and emotions and convey the bizarre distance between people and the city. He has participated in exhibitions at Parasite (HK), 100ft PARK (HK), Studio 52 (HK), and Los Angeles Fotofolio.

Yi-Hsin Tzeng (b. 1980, Taipei, Taiwan) received her BFA from National Taiwan Normal University and MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art with a Full Tuition Fellowship. Tzeng's work has been exhibited in Taiwan, USA, South America, Australia and Europe. She was also the recipient of several artist residencies, including Water Mill Residency (NY), Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (GA), Vermont Studio Center (VT), Ox-Bow (MI), Elizabeth Foundation of Art (NY) and AIR program in Auckland (NZ). Recently, her works were featured in New American Paintings, NYTimes.Com, Juxtapoz, BEAUTIFUL/ DECAY Magazines, and Scope art fair in Switzerland, New York and Miami.