More Jazz#3 Timonthy Wan x Kingston Lo- Piano and Saxophone Duet

23/10/2016 -
20:30 - 22:30
7/F no 36 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, HK

“MORE JAZZ #3” introduce to you unique local jazz sound at DreamLikeBubbles! The fusion sound from Brunel University London and The University of Auckland will introduce you their journey in improvisation. Timothy Wan x Kingston Lo

Date: 23rd Oct 2016
Time: 8:30pm-10:30pm
Venue: DreamLikeBubbles, 7/F no 36 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, HK
Advance: $80 Walk-in: $100
Enquiry: 9792 6927

Payment: You may bank transfer to " Groovy Life" , HKBEA account #015-151-68-00443-4 . And send us the bank-in slip with your name and contact number through mail, [email protected].

Kingston Lo
He is a Hong Kong local Jazz pianist, composer, and an improviser. He received his Bachelor of Music (Hons.) degree in Musical Composition with First Class Honours and Steve Thomas Memorial Prize for Composition from Brunel University London. Although he studied composition, he has been passionate about improvisational music. Throughout his studies, he had Jazz piano lessons with John Bailey, a professional Jazz pianist in London. He also received a bursary for extensive study in Jazz piano. Therefore, he was granted to take free lessons from Tom Cawley, a bandleader of the band Curios who won the Best Album in the BBC Jazz Awards, and a lecturer in Royal Academy of Music. He is capable of improvising in many kinds of styles, including Jazz, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist and etc. He is playing with local Jazz musicians in local Jazz venues such as Peel Fresco and Orange Peel. He had performing experiences in churches, weddings, hotels, and gigs. Other than Hong Kong, he performed in London in various of places. He is teaching Jazz piano, free improvisation, and composition. He taught music as a freelance, ranging from young students to adults. He is looking forward to popularise Jazz music and improvisation in Hong Kong, by inspiring the next generation to understand improvisational music.

雲天慈 (Timothy Wan)
香港爵士樂色士風手。回流自紐西蘭,畢業於奧克蘭大學音樂系爵士樂主修色士風,跟隨澳紐名師Roger Manins、Oliver Holland等學習即興演奏。活躍於本地爵士樂酒吧如Peel Fresco、 Orange Peel、Visage One等等。自2011年開始,在各表演場地、婚禮、酒店、演唱會等作不同類型的表演。除了香港,亦有積極參與外地爵士樂交流如TISJA台北爵士音樂營,接受國際級爵士樂手Rosario Giuliani、John Ruocco等之指導,以及在紐西蘭、台北、國內等地Jazz Pub與當地樂手以即興演奏交流。

Sound Engineer: Luke Ng
Presented by: Groovy Life
Venue Sponsor: DreamLikeBubbles