Michael Andrew Law:花 l 曬 : 全新繪畫&版畫展覽

03/10/2017 - 18:00 - 04/10/2017 - 21:15
Gallery Michael Andrew Law
3D Fu Kar Court, 32 Fortress hill Road

Michael Andrew Law:花曬 全新繪畫&版畫展覽

畫廊 Gallery Michael Andrew Law榮幸地推薦藝術家羅卓睿:花曬 全新繪畫&版畫展覽。

靈感來源於任何文化中最持久的愛與美的象徵 - 花,尤其是紅玫瑰,藝術家用這些符號來融入生活中的主題 - 情慾,迷痴,痛苦,贖罪,死亡和信仰。

作為藝術運動超普普超現實主義 ( Hyper Pop Surrealism ) 的創始人,在這些繪畫中,藝術家繼續沿用與傳統手繪技術相結合的數碼圖像,融合了平面設計和手繪形式的創作理念 - 使用手繪墨水,油彩,石膏底油,瓷漆和樹脂。通過向數碼量圖形設計和書法圖像,藝術家羅卓睿通過拼貼和合成由花,圖形和文字的圖像來創作構圖。在專業工作室製作版畫之後,再在數字圖像上用噴濺,滴落,洗滌或仔細地塗上顏料的方法實踐”繪畫”作為一種行為的概念。

Michael Andrew Law(1982年出生於英國香港)創造了“超普普現實主義繪畫”。藝術家羅卓睿曾經與紐約古典畫家丹安德森在他的香港工作室學習和工作。其後獲得贊助共同創立了香港藝術工作室Nature Art Workshop。除了製作和銷售藝術相關工作之外,該組織也是培育新興香港藝術家的樂園。作為策展人,羅卓睿組織了多場當代藝術展覽,對香港的Y流行文化展開了一系列的回應。本次展覽中字出超過一百幅羅卓睿全新繪畫以及版畫作品。

Michael Andrew Law : New Flower Paintings
Gallery Michael Andrew Law is honored to present Michael Andrew Law : New Flower Paintings.

Inspired by the beauty of the most enduring symbol of love and beauty in any culture - Flowers and especially - Red Roses , the artist uses these symbol to engages life's grand themes—sexuality, obsession, suffering, redemption, death, and belief .

As a founder of art movement Hyper Pop Surrealism, in these paintings, the artist continues to use Computer Generated Imagery incorporated with Traditional Hand-painted technique , merging the idea of Graphic Design and Painterly Gesture - hand-applied ink, oil paint, gesso, enamel and resin. By digitally manipulating images of Vector Design and Calligraphy , Michael Andrew Law forges gestural streaks by inserting and compositing images of Flowers, figures and text. The paint are splattered, dripped, washed or carefully painted over the digital images after the Giclée were made in the studio .

Michael Andrew Law (born in British Hong Kong, 1982) creates what renowned art dealer Douwe Cramer calls, “Hyper Pop Surrealist paintings.” Law studied painting with Sam Tsang of the Central Academy of Art in Beijing and with New York native classical painter Dan Anderson at his Hong Kong studio. Law co-founded the Hong Kong Art Studio Nature Art Workshop. The organization functions as a supportive environment for the fostering of emerging Hong Kong artists in addition to producing and marketing Law’s related work. As a curator, Law has organized an exhibition of contemporary art that shares a range of responses to HongKong’s Gen Y pop culture.

Opening Reception : 6pm - 9pm 3 October 2017