HKU SPACE Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Photography 當代攝影深造文憑

29/09/2021 (全日) - 29/09/2022 (全日)
Admiralty Learning Centre/ United Learning Centre

Calling for Application!!
【Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Photography 當代攝影深造文憑】

Looking for learning more on appreciation of photographic works as well as more advanced knowledge on photography? This programme may be the right choice for you!!

This programme aims to enable students to make an in-depth pursuit in both academic studies (criticism and theory) and practices (applied skills) in contemporary photography. The overall background and knowledge of contemporary issues in photography will be discussed. Students are expected to deal with historical perspectives, criticism and theory in photography, and to explore contemporary lens-based image-making through a curriculum in the culture, history, theory and practice of photography.

Application Deadline: 23 August 2021 (MON)
Programme Commencement: 29 September 2021 (WED)
For details, please see:
Photography Work: Credit to Yiu Nai Hang Billy (Graduate of 2016)